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Tom Drummond is a retired early childhood educator who wants to pass on all his knowledge and expertise to all the educators out there. In his recent post, “Examples of Learning Stories” (2017), Drummond demonstrates to us eight learning Stories that can be downloaded, discussed, and offered to others to spread ever more widely the practice of pedagogical narration following Margaret Carr and Wendy Lee’s exemplars of Learning Stories. I believe that this link would provide all educators a bigger and clearer perspective on the structure of the final product; the learning story.

In addition to that, I’d like to invite you to take a quick glance at Suzan Stacey’s  Power Point slides about Pedagogical Documentation, under which fits the use of our Learning Stories to make children’s thinking and  learning visible.

If you need to get going on Learning stories and don’t know where to start, please visit “How To Write A Learning Story”. It’s a tutorial that provides a step by step approach on what teachers need in order to complete a Learning story. I find it very helpful and practical for those interested in incorporating the children’s voice in assessment in the classroom. Also, below is a template which can be filled out by educators in order to help them complete a Learning story. It’s  self explanatory and clearly explains the expectations of each step in this assessment approach.

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